It was a very relaxing Easter this year.  We had planned to spend it just the two of us but due to the tornado hitting the airport, Scott’s parents were unable to fly to Las Vegas for a work conference.  Therefore, we took our food and headed down to South County for lunch/dinner with them. 

First we had to take a quick drive through the neighborhood to check out the damage first hand.  It really is amazing to see what Mother Nature can really do to one house and leave the next completely untouched.  We were also on day two of no cable or Internet so we took the time to do some house cleaning before leaving. 

We had a nice lunch with a lot of our Soulard fruits and veggies that we bought of Saturday and a great ham.  It was a huge meal that I wasn’t really prepared for but it was worth having all the same.  Afterwards we played a few rounds of Dirty Neighbor.  I was doing just fine the first to games but one hand in the third game did me in.  All in all it was a very nice Easter weekend…

Now if only Charter Communications would get their act together and fix our cable and Internet.