Royal Wedding

The royal wedding finally happened and I did not wake up early (4am) to watch it.  Instead I TiVo’ed it and watched later in the day.  However, I did manage to see some of the key parts live, like the William and Kate leaving Westminister Abbey and first kisses. 

For a while I didn’t think I would even get to record the wedding at watch it at home.  We finally got our cable and internet back up and running the day before.  Once that was working I immediately set the TiVo to record anything and everything to do with the royal wedding.  Plus, I had been watching everything on the Today show that had to do with it, at least up until the cable went out from the tornado. 

A few things that I did like were the dress, the ceremony, the inside of the church, and the excitement of the British people.  I think it is because we do not have a royal family that I am fasinated by all that goes into a royal wedding and am curious to know why they are even still around when they have no real power.  But the pomp and pagentry of it all is still very fun to watch.


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