We finally made it to Powell Symphony Hall.  Scott and I have been talking about going to see the Symphony for a while or pretty much any and everytime time we drive down Grand Ave.  So this week, and thanks to Groupon we finally made our trip to the Symphony and saw the world premier of Christopher Rouse’s Symphony Number 3 and Carmina Burana.

We even had great seats to take it all in

We first had dinner at Rizzo’s Station Pizzaria with Scott’s friends Bryce and Tasha.  Then we headed down to Powell Symphony Hall.  I don’t think I had been there since grade school field trips.  I dreaded those field trips and now I was excited to go, my how the times have changed.

The first part of the symphony was very fast and it was the part that I enjoyed the most.  To me it seemed like you couldn’t keep up with the music and that it was more like a chase scene going on in your head.  The second half introduced the choir and even though the signing was in latin, I still preferred the intrumental music.  The soloist had a great voice but overall I preferred the fun, fast music.

It was a great night, can’t wait to visit it again.


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