More home improvements

We did a  lot of home improvements in one day, yesterday.  After a very busy week we were unable to actually get a head start on some of the projects and so they were all pushed into a busy Sunday, Mother’s Day.  First we took Scott’s mom to brunch at Molly’s in Soulard.  And then we headed out to our house to start on the bathroom shower walls and painting in the bedroom.

We all went to Lowe’s and bought concrete board, green board and painting supplies.  Then after halfway starting the work we headed back to Lowe’s to pick up some more supplies.  Once back the fun began.  The walls in the bathroom were insulated and then wrapped in plastic and then some concrete board went up and even some green board.

Insulation and plastic wrap

Concrete board and Green board

Meanwhile the bedroom went from three very red walls to a nice white primer color.  It’s amazing to see how much was started in just a few hours…

Red walls



It makes me anixous for the end results, but happy to know that we (Scott) are doing this mostly on our own.


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