Officially Employed

I am fully employed by Lindenwood University as of this week.  I’ve been doing temp work for a couple of months and then they decided to reorganize the department I was in and start interviewing people.  After waiting for a few weeks and watching other people interview, I was finally informed that I was going to be hired and that they were waiting on HR, one person, to officially OK me.

Once I received the official OK, we went over the terms of my contract and my inability to negotiate my salary…grrr.  I officially said yes to the job and my start date was to be early May.  Due to Office Team needing a final back ground check on me my start date was pushed back to May 12th.

I am now gainfully (kinda) employed at the University and get a few University perks, like free tuition for Scott (once we get married) and myself and health insurance!  Of course they are still a little behind the times and I’m only paid once a month and on real vacation time until after a year but I get to build up some time from now till July when the new year starts for the school.  So I’ll take the ups with the downs and they are willing to work with me and my crazy schedule around the wedding this summer!


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