The Blue Room

So once we demo’ed the bathroom and found out that it wasn’t scary behind the wall that was shared with our bedroom, I received a green light to remove the red!  I have not been a fan of the 3 red walls that Scott loved so much.  Maybe it was because they were bold red walls or because he only used primer paint and one coat or because the room is too small for such a bold color, or it was just time for the bachelor-pad room to go.  Whatever it was, it just wasn’t working for a bedroom that should be a calm, relaxing place to sleep and mellow out.

Red Hot Walls

With my green light from Scott, I wasted no time putting a coat of Killz on the wall while he insulated the bathroom walls.  I was so happy to just have the red gone that I left it blinding white for a couple days.  However, the 6am wake ups with the bright white did not go over well with me, the non-morning person.

Bright White

And the blue was going up and it was looking really good.  I was very happy with my color choice and Scott was even getting used to the change.  Maybe even liking it!  By the time the drywall was up in the bathroom I had 3 walls of blue up in our room.  I left the big wall for after our trip to Chicago.  I managed to tackle the entire wall in one Monday night.  With the exception of a few missed spots the wall looked great.


A couple touch ups on Saturday and the room is basically done.   Some flowers for the vases that started the whole blue room idea and the room looks fresh and clean.  Now to hang the mirror back and the new shade and the room will be complete.

Now that the mirror is up and the top of walls have been touched up, to the best that I can do.  I’m happy to say that this room is complete.  Well, at least until we get a new comforter and curtains that we registered for.


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