Memorial Day Weekend 2011

What a busy memorial Day weekend.  Friday night we started off with the closing of Beffa’s.  It was a hang out of St. Louis politicians, police and my mom would go there for lunch because the Southwestern Bell building was close.  We met up with Zipf and some of her friends for a couple of drinks and soon found out there was no food.  We quickly left and made our way over to Wash Ave. for dinner at Rosalita’s.  The food was great and we’ll have to go back soon.

Saturday, while Scott worked downtown, I worked on the bathroom walls scrubbing grout.  It was fun until my arms were spaghetti.  Then I was done trying and watched some of the Champions League Soccer game, Manchester United vs. Barcelona.  Barcelona won and it was a pretty exciting game for the first half and then Barca just took over.

Later that night we headed over to the Birch house to celebrate Catherine’s 9th birthday.  Scott and I like to do something with the kids for their birthdays and it was going to be hard to top last year’s gift to Catherine, Blues tickets.  But we came up with the idea of taking her to the Butterfly House.  I have never been there and from what Ellen said, Catherine might have been there once but doesn’t remember it.  Score one for Scott for coming up with that idea!

Sunday was a really busy day of working on the bathroom.  Since the grout had set and dried longer than it should have (you live and learn when remodeling), we had to be creative on getting it off to save the tile.  After a couple of trips to Lowe’s we bought some acid and scrub brushes and a new chisel set and by the end of Sunday we saw tile again.

Grout removal

Our goal for Monday was to seal the bathroom and clean the garage before going to the Cardinals game at 3:15.  Somehow, that was completed even with doing more chiseling and acid wash.  It’s now amazing how big the garage looks with all the junk that was not being used out of the way.  Plus the bathroom tile is now sealed and caulked!  We are just a few steps closer to the bathroom being user friendly.

Sealed tile

We made it to the Cardinals vs. Giants game and sat in the Bleachers for the first time.  The seats really weren’t too bad at all.  We had two homeruns hit into our section.  One by a Giants player that bounced over our heads and the other was a Pujols homer that was about 10 rows in front of us.  The downside was that McClellan gave up a grand slam and the Cardinals couldn’t recover.  But we can say that we saw the current World Series Champions and can check off sitting in the bleachers on a crazy hot day off our lists!

View from our seats

It was a great Memorial Day weekend and I’m extremely happy summer is finally here and it’s going to be a busy one at that.


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