Omaha Shower

My mom and I went up to Omaha this past weekend for a bridal shower hosted by the Sheldon side of my family.  It was a quick trip to Omaha but a lot of fun and great time catching up with everyone.  We arrived Friday evening after taking our time driving up, stopping at a mall in Kansas City for shoes and food.  And a nice family history lesson of what Sheldon’s live where in Iowa and where their farms are located.  Plus we had first hand viewing of the flooding.  We had dinner with my Aunt and cousin, Nick Friday night and just hung out which was really relaxing.

Saturday we headed down to the Olive Garden for my shower.  It was great to see almost all my aunts, minus Pam, and my cousin’s wives and how pregnant they were.  Erica is about 2 weeks from having Jackson and I was happy she was able to make it, and Annie has just started showing.  It’s so fun having new cousins in the Sheldon family.  They are counting down till I’m in the mix.  After lunch we opened presents and Addison helped me out a lot with the presents!

Then we went back to Denise’s house to figure out the plan for the rest of the day.  Since Omaha is constantly changing my mom and I wanted to see the improvements plus some of the flooding and Taste of Omaha was going on.  We went to Aksarben Village and had some cupcakes and Jones Brothers Cupcakes.  The cupcakes weren’t as good at the Cup in the CWE but they had some awesome flavors that I had never seen before, like sweet & salty and bacon maple syrup.

Stopped to say hello to Grandma and Grandpa.  I hadn’t visited their graves since my grandfather’s funeral in 1999, it brought back some memories and stories that we all shared.

After that we headed to Mid-Town for some shopping and dinner.  We ended up doing some damage for Annie at a shop and then hung out at a Cantina Laredo for drinks and dinner.  It was really good Mexican food.

After dinner we hung out and talked more with my uncle Chris, who had joined us for dinner, and then headed back out to Elkhorn for another relaxing evening.  But after such a busy day it was a very early night.  We did get to see my cousin, Luke, Sunday morning before taking off.

We drove downtown Omaha and saw the flooded Missouri river before heading out of town.  On the drive through Iowa on I29 we were amazed with all the flooding.  The news kept saying that the highway might be flooded within the next week.  We did stop in the small town of Hamburg, Iowa and saw everyone packing up their entire house and businesses because the Army Corps of Engineers were going to release water from the dams and flood their town.  It was very sad to see this happening first hand.

Sheldon Farm

sandbagging to save the town

After our stop through there we stopped in Kansas City for lunch and then made great time to get home by 5.  I was exhausted from a great weekend and can’t wait for this coming weekend, another shower and Andrew is coming in.


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