St. Gabriel’s Picnic 2011

A great annual tradition, the St. Gabriel School Picnic.  Besides the rides and BBQ food and beer it’s great to catch up with long lost grade school friends and neighbors.  Needless to say, it’s one of the best days of the year and highly anticipated.  Now that I’m older I don’t go on the rides and I hang out in a different part of the picnic than I did when I was younger but the fun is still there.

This year I ran into girls from grade school who I hadn’t seen since maybe high school and ones that I had been very close to in grade school.  It was a lot of fun catching up with them and seeing their kids.  I saw neighbors who I grew up with and their parents and their kids.  This year was a little different because my mom and brother were in town and were experiencing their fist picnic in over 10 years!  It was great watching people have double takes when they saw Andrew!

I can’t wait till next year to go again and see everyone!  But why wait till next year, Gabe’s Happy Hours are monthly!


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