Wedding Frustrations

  Whoever said planning a wedding was fun was truly crazy.  I don’t see how any of this is fun to anyone.  There are deadlines and other people to make happy and it just is one big mess until, I’m sure, the actual day.  You try to do things to make others happy, because you want them included in your day, and you cannot make them happy.  Things cost too much, deadlines need to be met, people need to see the schedule, and the to do lists.  Not to mention you have a list going in your head that once it’s written down will change. 

Isn’t the key word in this whole thing is that it’s our wedding?  I love the help that I’m getting from everyone but sometimes I don’t want to talk wedding, to anyone.  I just cannot wait till the count down is over and I can get a good night’s sleep for the first time in months.  And to not have to harp at someone to be somewhere, call this person, get this picked up, pay for this, schedule this.

50 days and I can sleep, peacefully, and relax on a beach!


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