Pre-Cana Class

Since we are having a Catholic wedding there are certain things you have to do in order to be married by the Church.  You must meet with a priest and take a FOCUS test, go to Planned Parenting Class and complete 10 hours of Pre-Cana Class.  We have completed everything but our Pre-Cana class. 

We signed up for the last possible Saturday classes that we could because of Scott’s work schedule and our shower schedule.  And so our classes are June 18 & 15 from 9am to 2pm with 25 other couples.  The class is pretty much watching videos and talking about communication and family planning.  Most of the “issues” that they bring up are things that Scott and I have talked about already and have worked out since we’ve lived together.  There were a couple things that were brought up that we have talked about but nothing has been a big shock.  Although, I don’t feel it’s a waste of time, I do feel that it is good for us to go to these things and hear what other couples have experienced. 



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