Bachelorette Party Weekend

It’s official, I’ve had my bachelorette party and now it seems like the wedding is just around the corner.  Kelly had done such a great job of planning some of the party, along with help from Sam and Zipf it all went off without a hitch.

The invitation

Kelly and Sam arrived on Friday afternoon and we quickly started to have fun.  We headed down to my cousin, Debbie’s restaurant for lunch.  It had been a while since I’ve had her pizza’s and it was great!  I love taking people to try her food.  Then we headed down to Soulard to get some food for dinner and show off the farmers market.  And then back out to pick from Reily from the groomer’s, she needed to get pretty for her guests.  And a quick stop at the Birch’s to get the t-shirts for Saturday night and then Ted Drews.

On Saturday we managed to get some good shopping in at the Mills.  I finally found shorts that fit, a HUGE accomplishment for me.  Then we quickly ate some lunch and went jewelry shopping for the wedding.  We found everyone’s jewelry in one stop!  And then headed downtown to the the hotel.

After a not so quick check in we started to get ready for the Cards game and changed into our shirts.  Before we headed over to the game we took a couple pictures in the lobby.

The wedding date

After the photo op, we started our walk over to the stadium.

I was not very happy with the homemade hat Sammy made.  I do see the point of why it was needed, however, I did not want all the attention brought to me.  I just wanted a night out with all my friends.  But I did get a new Cardinals hat!

Our seats were awesome!  Thank you Kelly for finding the Bank of America Club seats section!  It had all you can eat buffet and all you can drink until the 8 and 1/2 inning.  We even made friends with an usher, Bill, the nicest man ever!


The actual game wasn’t too bad either.  The Cards came from behind to win against the Diamondback.  Pujols tied the game with a 2 run homerun.

Celebrating Pujols Homer

Girls in our seats

Afterwards we headed over to Paddy O’s to celebrate the victory with other Cardinal fans.  We quickly ran into Nick Lograsso!  I was surprised to run into him there, but we hung out with him and his friends and then we made friends too.  There was dancing and shots and making new friends at Paddy O’s.

Zipf and I at Paddy O's

There are more pictures but I haven’t seen them yet, they are on Brooke’s camera.  Hopefully more later.


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