I finally made it back to Jammin’ at the Zoo.  Two years ago I went to Jammin’ at the Zoo with Kristin and Tom and it was a mess.  I raced home from work to meet them and didn’t eat, it was really hot and I was drinking wine.  I in turn got a migraine, nearly passed out and went home early.

I was not going to relive those past mistakes this year.  I wanted to enjoy the experience and have fun with everyone there.  So Theresa reminded me about a month ago that it was coming up so I bought my ticket as soon as I got paid and kept the receipt in my e-mail as a reminder.  I met Zipf and a couple of her friends at Steak ‘N Shake so we could take one car over there.  Last time it was packed by 6 and wine was gone by 6:30, so our plan was to get there very early to avoid all of that mess.

We met up with Theresa in the parking lot and walked over to get our tickets, wristbands and enter the Zoo.  Since I bought a ticket so early, I bought the cheap ticket that didn’t include tasting.  It really didn’t matter to me at that point, I just wanted water it was so hot.  We walked to the first couple of booths and I manged to get sips of whatever someone didn’t like.

Theresa & I

Our group was a decent size and we all manged to stay together all night.  We did have to stop for food once.  We also, got to pet the sting rays and sharks for free.  You usually have to pay to do that when you go to the zoo.  We did have fun walking around the Zoo and catching up!


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