This is a mild rant that has been going through my mind for some time.  It’s not something  that has cause me to lose sleep over because planning a wedding has filled that void.  However, I have come to accept that friendships come and go over a lifetime.  Some friendships are going to last a lifetime and others are there just to fill a need for a short while.  But then there are those friendships that you have had for years, left for a time and then came back to like no time had passed.

It’s those friendships that it seems should end up lasting a lifetime, right?  What if the “friend” isn’t who you thought they were?  What if they will turn their back on you and befriend your enemy? How do you move on and cope with that?  Should you have a final phone call to end the friendship, like a break up?  Or just let it go?

It’s amazing how people can live on drama and continue to bring drama into “friendships” or be a “shit stirrer.”  Why create problems when they don’t involve you?  Why act like a high schooler when you are years out of high school?

I guess by asking these questions it’s clear that I don’t need any of that in my life and it’s better to just move on and avoid childish games that someone in their 30s like to play.

Time to move on and cut the ties.


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