Last pre-wedding weekend

It was our last pre-wedding weekend, finally!  I think I’ve been counting down to this since March.  Not only because I’m excited to be getting married but the planning will be over!

This weekend was extremely productive yet fun.  Friday night I met up with the Birch’s to watch the girls in Oklahoma at Crestwood pool.  Catherine was in the chorus and Elizabeth was a dancer and in the chorus.  Both did an excellent job and Benton held his own with the spotlights.  It was extremely hot and Mathew and I enjoy snow cones at intermission.  Scott ended up working till 4am Saturday morning and missed out on the fun.

On Saturday Zipf made her way out to the house to help wrap almonds.  We did have to do a Wal-Mart run for more ribbon and some extra goodies but we managed to get all the almonds done.  And a few things were sent to the florist in between.  I even had plenty of time to go to Kinkos/FedEx to get the programs dropped off.  Scott then worked till 2am Sunday morning and Reily and I watched movies Saturday night.

All the almonds

By Sunday, all we had to do was get the frames for the seating chart and pick up the programs from Kinkos/FedEx.  We stopped at Michael’s for more ribbon and baskets.  Then headed to Scott’s parents house.  We managed to get all the programs tied together in record time with a little help from his parents!  The baskets have the ribbon on them as well.  After a quick game of Dirty Neighbor we were off to the Cards/Cubs game.  Although the Cardinals didn’t win, but won the series, it was still a fun game to go to.



Cards/Cubs game

Now, I just need to print the formal seating chart at Kinkos/FedEx and we are officially just waiting till Saturday to get here!  How nice is that?!


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