Our Wedding!

Our wedding was great and went off with out a problem, at least that I know about.  It was an extremely long day but the best day of my life!

Jean and Laura, our hair and make up, came to the hotel at 6:30am to get started.  It was really early and I was not awake at all, espically going on very little sleep the night before.  Oh and we had a nice thunder storm around 3am that had me worrying about what to do with outside pictures!  Jean and Laura did an awesome job on everyone’s hair and makeup and they finished up around 9:45.  We had some time to spare before leaving for the church, of course we were later than others arriving at the church.

We arrived and started getting me dressed.  The “dressing room” was crazy hot and putting on layers of a dress was not fun.  We quickly got all the guys out of the church so we could do the girls only pictures, once the flowers arrived.  Not much sooner than that we rushed out of the church os the guests could start arriving.

Prepping with some G2

Scott did get me a present, a new camera for our honeymoon!  I was completely shocked and didn’t expect it at all.  Riley, Scott’s neice, was getting on my last nerves and was sent out of the bridal room.  Otherwise I was completely calm before the wedding.

The ceremony went by in a flash.  I remember telling Scott to stop staring at me and trying to get him to stop shaking and unlock his knees.  My attempts all failed and he had a very sore knee the next day.  I’m sure the ceremony wasn’t as fast for the guests, but it went by extremely fast.

After the ceremony, we made an impromtu receiving line as everyone left and then there were more pictures.  After we finished the church pictures we loaded up the limo, at some Amighetti’s and headed to get more pictures around St. Louis.




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