I think our reception went off without a problem.  We arrived at the venue a little early after getting all our pictures taken around the city.  It was seriously time to cool down and try to get more pictures around the venue done before the guests arrive.

We managed to get some great pictures in the basement and had fun with all the artwork.

©2011 davidjstudios photography

©2011 davidjstudios photography

Once guests started to arrive we had another receiving line so we could officially great everyone.  It allowed us time to actually sit and eat dinner.  After dinner the DJ officially announced us with Nelly’s Country Grammar playing in the background.  We had to represent STL!  After that we had our dances and then it was time for everyone to come out and dance.

Bachelorette Girls!

Scott and I were able to sneak away have a few more pictures taken before the night was through.  After the official reception was over, our friend Nick had a VIP section reserved for us at the new 360 club.  Our view was the Arch!  And to top off our wedding night we had fireworks over the Arch for us to watch.

Watching the fireworks


It truly was the perfect end to a perfect day!


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