My Birthday

My birthday just happened to be the day we went to the Mayan ruins.  Besides seeing the ruins, we also went repelling into a sink hole.

On our way to the sink hole

I had never been repelling before but Scott had.  So when the tour guide asked who has done this before, Scott said yes, not knowing that we would have to go first.

Here we go!

Once we started, I was turning a lot.  It took me till about half way down to figure out how to release the rope properly.  Once I figured that out it was smooth sailing till I hit the icy waters.

The action shot

And then I hit the water!


It was cold yet refreshing after sweating all morning.  However, I don’t think I was quite ready for how cold it really was.  We then watched the other couples repel down and we took a swim around the cave to see how big it really was.

Group swim

After we swam around the huge cave, we were able to take turns on the zip line, ropes, and platform to jump off of.  I tried the zip line and since my arms were spaghetti from the repelling, I couldn’t hold on to the slippery handle for too long.  Scott on the other hand managed to do everything, even diving off the platform.

Look at that form!

Warming up

After we had enough of the water fun it was time for lunch.  After lunch we loaded up the van and drove back to the resort.  It was an exhausting day but I don’t think I would have had a more exciting birthday at home!  Of course my birthday

Me at dinner on my birthday

dinner was fondue!  We tried a new cheese and dipping fruit that I never thought would be good in cheese.

Strolling on the beach!

After dinner we took a nice walk on the beach and relaxed on some chairs and stared at the stars.  The perfect end to a great birthday!

Forever Kinkos!


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