Labor Day Weekend

What a busy weekend!  It all started on Friday when it was my day to leave work early, at 4.  We have a rotating schedule of every Friday someone gets to leave early and it was a great way to start my weekend.  Once Scott got home we headed over to Jenner and Andrew’s house for breakfast for dinner.  It’s my preferred way to eat breakfast!  We were able to see how big Henry has gotten.  It always amazes me with how quickly newborns grow.

Saturday was the hottest day of the weekend.  We ran errands in the morning and Scott worked a little (at home).  And then it was off to the Highlander for the first Nebraska game of the season.  Oh, how I’ve missed college football and am so happy that it is back.  I love going to Nebraska watch parties as well, it’s like walking into a bar in Omaha.  I left right before the game even started to go get my hair cut and was followed back to the bar by a huge rain cloud.  But that cloud didn’t stop Nebraska from winning the first game!  Later than night we decided to stay home and make some homemade pizza and watch more football.  I’m going to love Saturday’s this fall.

Sunday was the busiest day of the weekend.  We had so much planned for the day I wasn’t sure if we would get it all in since we didnt’ get an early start like I had hoped.  Our first stop was St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church’s Greek Festival.  It has been an annual event for us to get some gryos and pastries.  While we were eating we enjoying some people watching and educating people on the days events around St. Louis.

Our next stop was the Hill.  The Gateway Cup was in it’s second day of racing around St. Louis.  The first day is around Francis Park, Tour de Hills, then the Hill and then Benton Park for the third day.  We stopped in to see my cousin Debbie and she said we could sit on her front porch to watch the race.  We took her up on the offer and got some great pictures of the race.  We did head over to start of the race to watch the finish of category 3 and the start of category 4 races.

Cat 3 going down Edwards

In front of St. Ambrose

Start of Cat 4 race

Then it was down to the Landing to listen to some Blues.  The Muddy Blues Festival was concluding on Sunday and it has not let us down.  It was the third year for us to go down and listen to great local bands play.  Every year we find a new band and end up downloading their music.  This year it was Mississippi Fever.  They were the first band that we heard when we got down there and they put on a great concert, people were dancing and singing along.  We talked to an older couple who heard a band the night before at a local bar and said we had to check out the bar on the weekends.

Mississippi Fever

On Monday we decided that we needed more counter space in the kitchen.  So we spent some time rearranging the microwave and it’s like we have a brand new kitchen!  And we can both be cooking without completely killing each other for counter space!  Zipf and I went and did a little shopping out at the Mills and found a couple deals.  However, our mission to find Rams shirts to wear to the home opener was a killer.  It seemed like everyone had Mizzou shirts instead  and we ended up getting a shirt online.

Zipf ended up staying for dinner and Kristin came out, as well.  We fired up the BBQ and Scott made an awesome dinner of pork steaks, corn, twice baked potatos, homemade bread and Kristin’s Greek salad.  It was a great meal with great company.  A wonderful way to end a great weekend!


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