Relaxing week

Coming off a very busy weekend I was expecting to have a long, never ending work week.  However, this week flew by!  Tuesday night since Scott side project is on pause we made dinner and then we out to Creve Cour  Park and walked the around the lake.  We ended up getting a later start and walked the back half in the dark but that’s ok, it’s helped get ride of my day long headache.  We finished season 5 of Dexter this week as well!

Wednesday night I met Scott at the car repair shop and dropped off is car and then instead of driving all the way home in traffic we stopped at Joey B’s for a quick bite to eat and avoided rush hour traffic!  Once we got home we watched Lincoln Lawyer, finally.

By Thursday night we thought we were going to get the car back so I left work early, but since it wasn’t ready we were home by 5:15 and decided to take a nice walk through the neighborhood.  We got dinner ready and then got ready for football!  I’m so happy that football is back!  It seems like the off season is just way too long and with the lock out this year it was even  longer.  In the first game back, the Packers reminded us all why they are the Champs!  Go Pack Go!

And now it’s Friday!  Quiet possibly the longest day of the week.  It was painful to get to 5 today.  Maybe it’s because we have a serious mold issue at work and my boss doesn’t think there is a problem.  Or because my office smelt like bleach all day.  Or because it was a co-worker’s last day and we really don’t want to see her leave.

I’m just excited because it’s the weekend and my husband doesn’t have to work on Saturday!


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