Rams Home Opener 2011

I finally made it to a home opener of a St. Louis team!  I wish it was the Cardinals, but the Rams will do for now.  Zipf was able to score us some free tickets to the game.  Not only were they free tickets but they were great seats and, oh yea, we had field passes for before the game started!

We picked up Zipf and Michelle and headed down a little early to tailgate with Michelle parents.  Little did we know that they had friends who have an RV just for tailgating.  They were parked in the lot were Zipf knew the owner and so we parked for free, another bonus!  The RV was parked next to Eagle One.

Eagle One

A tricked out RV that Eagles fans drive all across the country going to Eagles games and give tours.  It was pretty amazing to see.  They even had player autographs on the inside.  It had 7 flat screen TV all around it, a surround system and a plaque on the side showing all the stadiums that they have been to and stars for the different times and playoff games.

Scott and I decided to head inside the Dome a little early to watch pre-game warm-ups and take advantage of the field passes.  It was awesome to be feet away from the players on the field.  We were able to watch Michael Vick warm up Jeremy Maclin for the Eagles and then head down to the Rams end and watch Bradford warm up.

J Mac in the endzone

Al Harris was just feet from us taking snaps.  Amendola was playing catch with Bradford right in front of us as well.  I thought he was much bigger on TV, but he is really not that big for a receiver.


Pregame pep talk

pre-game snaps

We watched at the Eagles left the field and head back to the locker room and then we had to leave the field as they were getting ready for the National Anthem.

We made it up to what we thought were our seats and sat there for the most moving National Anthem that I have ever sat through.  Since it was 9/11 they had St. Louis Police, Fire and EMS personal on the field holding the field size flag, as well as the Eagles and Rams players.  The Anthem was sung by a Naval Officier and it moved me to tears just listening to it and watching the pictures on the big screens.

Then it was time for the actual game.  The Rams started out strong.  Steven Jackson’s first touch was a 50 yard run for a touch down and then he was out for the rest of the game.  The Rams looked decent for a while but there were too many injuries to key Rams players.  Then Michael Vick took over and the Rams defense couldn’t contain the offense.

The Rams went on the lose the game.  But it was a great day!  I love live football and opening day was even better!  Plus I was able to see another Bradford game and watch Michael Vick’s amazing talent.

relaxing next to Eagle One


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