Great Balloon Race

Saturaday was the 39th Balloon Race in Forest Park.  I love that I’m making this an annual tradition.  Kristin and I had a nice lunch at City Coffeehouse and Creperie, the best crepes I have ever had.  I’m so happy that Kristin introduced me to this new place and can’t wait to take Scott there!

We then headed off to the Park to get a decent parking spot and seats for the race.  We managed to get front row seats and hung out for a while before it was time to walk around and see the balloons up close.  On our walk we found the Energizer Bunny hanging out in the VIP section.

Then we waited a bit longer as the skydivers started the show.  Then it was time for the Bunny to blow up.

It was a little different this year since we were pretty close to the Bunny balloon and were able to watch it inflate.  Since it was really windy the Energizer Bunny did not officially start the race.  But once the first balloon was up the others quickly followed.  I still love trying to guess which one will go next.

First Balloon

And the race is on

There were about 70 balloons that took off and about 4 or 5 that didn’t make it out of the Park.

The sky looked amazing watching them all as we left Forest Park.  I can’t wait till next year and hope Scott gets to go.  But I know he was busy working and had a very productive day!


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