Art in the Park

Art in the Park is finally back!  For some reason it didn’t come together last year and Scott and I had enjoyed it 2 years ago.  So, we decided that we were going to head over to Francis Park and enjoy the Sunday afternoon. 

Art in the Park is a once a year event in Francis Park that has over 50 vendors showing off artwork and jewelry.  There were a few food boothes from restaurants from around the neighborhood, as well as live music. 

Since Scott had to work most of the day, Zipf, Scott’s parents and myself enjoyed a nice afternoon of checking out art, jewelry and old cars.  Scott’s mom even found a new necklace.  There was a few artists there that Scott and I like however, they didn’t have any new pictures. 

It was nice running into old neighbors and friends that I hadn’t seen since the school pinic. We did sign up for St. Gabriel’s Alumni events and the St. Louis Hills Neighborhood Association events.


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