Missouri’s Best

We headed out to the Missouri Botanical Gardens on Saturday.  It was a beautiful day to be out and enjoying the weather and Scott being off!  This weekend the Garden was hosting Missouri’s Best, a weekend full of showing off food, clothing, wine, some flowers, found in Missouri.

Hanging out at MoBot

We picked up Zipf and then met up with Kristin and her mom at the Garden and then dove in to the first of four tents.  When we got there we were all a little hungry and thought we would need to stop somewhere for food.  But little did we know that all the free samples of food would be a great lunch.  There was sausages, dips, salsas, pickles, fudge, wines, pasties, and more for us to try.

Scott found a place that uses wood from old barns and farm buildings and then creates furniture.  They put the history of the building on the side of the piece and then there is a metal engraving with the date of the building as well.  It was very cool and I saw a few pieces I wouldn’t mind getting.

We only bought a candle but did walk away with a lot of business cards.  Kristin and Zipf walked away with a few new dips and wines.  It was a sucessful day.


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