It’s official, my cooking skills are coming together.  We have been wanting to make lasagna for a while now and had planned to cook it over the weekend.  But when weekend’s events too long we pushed it off till Monday.  We had all the ingredients ready to go for Monday nights cooking.  The last time we made lasagna it took a couple of hours to make everything, so I was ready for a long night. 

Scott was working late, so once I got home at 6 I started cooking.  I started with the meat, then the veggies and then the sausage.  Then made my way on to the cheeses and then the noodles.  Scott got home around 7:30 and I was just a layer into it.  Once I got going it was all good.  I stuck it in the over and made a very quick cheese lasagna with the leftovers.

After a long 40 minute wait the lasagna was done and I have a little more confidence in the kitchen.  Scott loved it and I’m hoping to get more than one meal and a few lunches out of it.


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