Oktoberfest and Columbus Day

On Saturday evening I volunteered to work the entrance to Oktobertfest.  I have never attended St. Louis Oktobertfest so I didn’t know what I was really in for.  But wow, it was an event.  The whole night I never really made it in past the gates since we had lines of people constantly coming by and they had waited over an hour and a half.

Our job for the night was to take the admissions from everyone, give them a bracelet and offer them a beer stein to buy.  We were told that press might stop by and to get ready to give them a VIP Pass.  That happened once.  Then we ran out of change and beer steins.  For some reason no one took us serious when we said we needed change so we closed our line.  I ran to get help and steins while the money never came.  We had to ask security to only let people with exact change in our entrance.

Somehow we survived the night with no breaks and stayed an extra hour longer.  We did end up making some cash on the night’s events as well.  I got home with a horrible headache and passed out from exhaustion.

Sunday was a whole other story.  We decided to head down to The Hill for the Columbus Day Parade.  We got to my cousin’s restaurant and set up our chairs for a front row seat.  We got some good candy and I got another Vitale’s Bakery t-shirt to add to my collection.

What's a parade without Shriner's?

After the parade we met up with Zipf and tried to find some food in the park but the lines were too long and it was a mess to get anywhere.  We decided that it was time to get some real food and headed back to Debbie’s restaurant.  Great Columbus Day!


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