Game 7

All day on Friday, October 27, I could not work.  Nor could any of my co-workers.  It was a wasted day being at work.  Why?  Because the Cardinals played in an epic game the night before and forced a Game 7 in the World Series.  All we could talk about was where we were going to watch the game and how amazing the end to game 6 was.  When 5 o’clock rolled around we couldn’t move faster to get out.

I had been talking with Zipf and Scott about where to go watch the game and what our plans would be.  Scott volunteered to run to Sybergs on Market street early to get us a table.  He ended up getting us the last table available.  I hurried home, changed, let Reily out and left to meet Zipf.  Once we left my car at Steak ‘n Shake we were on our way down to meet Scott.  We arrived in plenty of time to chat before the game started.

Go Cards!

Me and Zipf

Once Fox started the broadcast everyone in the restaurant was nervously watching.  Soon, the national anthem started to play, the entire restaurant was silent.  It was amazing to watch everyone be quiet the entire song.  Then the game started.

The Rangers jumped out to an early 2-0 lead in the first inning.  Then the Cardinals came back with hit after hit and amanzing pitching by Carpenter.  It was an exciting game to watch.  We had our cheers going at the restaurant that helped keep us all in tuned with the game.  We even did the wave a few times.  Then it was the top of the 9th, and everyone just stared at the TV’s looking like “wow this could happen.”  Then Motte threw the last pitch, a routine pop up to Matt Holliday to end the game.  The Cardinals did the impossible, coming from 10.5 games back to winning it all!

The restaurant errupted in cheers and yells and song.  We quickly grabbed our stuff and headed down 15 blocks to join in the celebration outside the stadium.  By the time we started our walk the police were in full force to make sure nothing bad happened, nothing bad ever did happen.  Cars filled the streets with fans hanging out windows, honking horns and loud music.  It was a crazy scene down at Busch Stadium.  We walked up to the bridge across the street from the stadium and just looked at all the people.  We took some pictures and headed down to join the crowd.

Crowds around Busch

We somehow managed to walk all the way to Paddy O’s, but couldn’t get in due to the crowds.  We then walked back over to the stadium to see if we could use the bathrooms inside.  And the gates were open.  We wandered up to the bathroom and saw that the players were running around the field.  We were able to get to the lower level seats, behind the green seats, and just took everything in.  We took a lot of pictures and watched David Freese, World Series MVP, give an interview.

World Series Champs!

We left the stadium and walked through Mike Shannon’s and then walked back to our cars.  It was a crazy night but loved every minute of it!


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