World Series Parade

Scott and I decided on the way home from downtown, early Saturday morning that we were going down to the parade on Sunday.  We arrived at Scott’s work to park and walk to the parade routine with about an hour to spare.  Once we got closer to the stadium I couldn’t believe the amount of red I was seeing.  It took us a while to get the perfect spot and did we get the perfect spot!

Waiting for the parade to start

We were across the street from Paddy O’s and I was able to go up to the barricade.  We did have to wait an hour before we started to even see the parade.  First came Tony and the Clydesdales kicking the parade off right!  Then all the players with their families in the bed of the pick up trucks.  Those in the front office and medical crew had their own trucks, trolleys and trams.  It was well worth the wait to see the players smiling at us…not to mention the World Series Trophy was front and center.


World Series MVP David Freese

Chris Carpenter


Can't forget the Rally Squirrel


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