History Hayride

On Saturday Scott, Zipf, and I headed North to Fort Bellefountaine for the History Hayride.  It was a crazy windy day and a little cool, but it was sunny so it made the trip pleasant.  We arrived and were greated by an amazing view of the Mississippi River from the top of the Fort.  This fort was opened in 1805 and was the beginning of the Lewis & Clark trail.  The fort was used by the Army through 1828 when its decaying condition and the changing military needs of the region, convinced the War Department to abandon the location.

We were greeted by a soldier in Reveloutionary War uniform and were given the history of the fort and his uniform.  We then learned about World War II soldier and their uniforms and guns.  Follow by a Spanish soldier who fought in Puerto Rico.  We concluded our hayride with Union and Confederate soliders talk about their role in the Civil War and how they moved weapons to the battles.


The hayride was about 2 hours, but it was a lot of fun and I actually learned more than I knew about some of the wars and the role that Missouri played.  I would recommend everyone to check this out.


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