Super Busy

I’m amazed at all the things we were able to do this weekend.  I’m still trying to catch up after the non-stop weekend.  On Friday I had a happy hour for our Director who was leaving LU and moving on to a better, less stressful job.  I had to leave in the middle to get home and meet Scott, then head to Kristin and Tom’s for dinner and crazy game of Cranium.  The dinner that Kristin made was amazing and Scott and I won the game of Cranium, but need to work on our creative side.

Saturday was go, go, go.  While Scott worked out and took his car into the shop, I managed to clean the basement and get ready to go to the Highlander to watch the Nebraska game.  We met up with the Boland’s and caught up on what’s been going on with everyone.  Little Mackenzie has gotten so big!  The football game was kinda boring but I was happy to be a Husker fan when both teams came to the center of the field for a prayer before the game started.  It was a classy move.

I left the game a little early to meet up with Zipf and head down to Soulard for some much needed shopping.  I made a roast this weekend and wanted to see what kind of deals I could get.  I ended up with a whole lot of chicken, fruits and veggies and of course some mums to dress up the front porch.  I raced home, unloaded everything and relaxed with Reily for a little bit. 

Saturday night was Benton’s 16th family birthday party.  I still can’t believe Benton is driving!  I wasn’t even driving when he was born.  It was a fun party to talk with family and get a great dinner of St. Louis Pizza and Wings.  Not to mention we introduced Benton’s cousin to the wonderful movie, Dumb and Dumber.

Sunday was another busy day of cleaning and cooking.  We had invited Scott’s parents over for dinner.  I had planned to make a roast and then some veggies and a salad.  I, also, made an apple crisp for the first time.  We spent the time watching some football and looking at wedding pictures.  After dinner and Scott’s parents left we tackled the office and did some major cleaning and throwing away of junk. 

It was a very productive weekend, next up the basement!


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