A few years ago my mom introduced me to a great Thanksgiving treat, making turkey’s with Oreo cookies.  We gave it a whirl and it was a hit within our family.  Two years ago I showed the Birch kids how to make them and Mathew had a little more fun eating the ingredients than making them, but they were a hit at Benton’s birthday party.  This year I’ve been wanting to make them, but didn’t have a place to take them.


This year I’m taking them to Zipf’s birthday party, they will be her “cake.”  Last night Scott and I made about 25 turkey’s and they look great.  Here are the ingredients:

Oreo’s – Double Stuffed works a little better

Hershey Kisses

Candy Corn

Chocolate Frosting

Red Hots (this year I used M&M’s because we could not find Red Hots)

First you layer the Oreo with the frosting, then add the Hershey Kiss.  Behind the Kiss you add the Candy Corn (fat end down) and then a little more frosting at the tip of the Kiss and add the Red Hot/M&M.  This is what you get:


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