Windy City Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving was a little different than previous years for me.  I didn’t go to Omaha or San Antonio or even stay in St. Louis.  This year we went to Chicago to celebrate with Scott’s sister Jeni and her family and friends.  We drove up to Chicago after work on Wednesday night.  It was the first time that we had absolutely no traffic on the drive up and into the suburbs.  We got in a little before 11, even with a stop in Bloomington at a Steak ‘n Shake for dinner.

On Thanksgiving, Scott, his mom and sister ran in the North Shore Turkey Trot.  A mere 10K bright and early and a little chilly.  After the run Scott decided to partake in a neighborhood game of football with his nephew, Mason, and Kevin.  While they played we started dinner.  I made an awesome turkey appetizer.  Jeni found the idea online and it turned out great!

After I finished the turkey I was ready for football.  Football consumed a lot of our day.  We had a great meal that Scott’s sister Jeni prepared for us.  And we even went around the table to say what we were all thankful for.  It was a great Thanksgiving!

On Friday, Scott and I drove into the city to meet up with a couple of friends of mine from San Antonio.  We met up with Cody and Stacy at the Wilde.  We had a great lunch catching and laughing at old stories.  Afterwards we walked around the Wicker Park neighborhood and drove through downtown Chicago.

Harry Carry's Restaurant



I love seeing all the big buildings and everyone walking around the city.  Later that night Scott drove me through the neighborhood where he used to live while working for Kevin’s company a few years ago.  Then it was back to the Bate’s house to play Dirty Neighbor.  All in all a great get away.


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