We added another state capital!  On our way home from Chicago we took a slight detour and went to Indianapolis to see the capital.  It was a brand new drive for Scott and I.  I have only been to Indy once before with my parent and that was off the I-70 drive.  This time we were coming in from I-65 and it was very interesting scenery.  The wind was really blowing the car around but we saw a bunch of wild wheat, red barns and wind mills.

wild wheat

Once we arrived in Indianapolis we headed straight to the capital building.  We took a couple pictures of us at the capital and then wandered past the Occupy Indy protesters and went into the building…then we found out that the building and tour stopped at 2 on Saturdays.  We missed the tour by 15 minutes!  Oh well, another trip.  But we did get the all important picture.

Indiana State Capital

We then headed towards the center of the city and found The Soldiers and Sailors Monument.  We took an elevator ride to the top for some amazing views of the city.

The Capital Building

Lucas Oil Stadium

Of course what trip to Indy wouldn’t be complete without seeing Santa Claus riding a red Harley around town?

After hanging out downtown we decided that we needed to see the Indy 500 race track.  Of course they were giving tour of the actual race track.  We were able to do a lap around the track, now how many people can say they did a lap on the Indy 500 track?  It was very cool to learn about the track’s history and that there is a golf course through it!

Winner's Circle


The Starting Line

The stop there was well worth it!  I think a trip bad to Indy is in order because I know there is a lot more to see of that city!



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