Francis Park

We attended for the 3rd year in a row, the Francis Park tree lighting.  I’m loving the simple traditions that we have started.  We headed over to the Birch’s house to see Reily for the first time since getting back from Chicago and hang with the kids.  We had a little chili and helped get the kids dressed and were out the door and down the street.

Ben was already busy helping people get on the horse drawn carriage rides up and down Nottingham.  The line was really long before everything started.  Then the Mayor said a few words and Fred Bird helped with the countdown and then the tree was lit!  And then it went out!  We managed to get some goodies and hot chocolate while we waited for the tree to come back on.

While waiting we walked around and I found out that this would have been the place where Scott was initially going to pop the question last year.  Oh well, just knowing that he thought about that makes it so much more important.  I love the history that I have with that park!

The lights cam back out and we took a quick picture and headed for warmth and home shortly after.  A great start to a wonderful holiday season!


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