Oh Christmas Tree

We finally got our tree!  It was an adventure this year to go get the tree, this past Sunday.  On Saturday I hung out with Kristin and Tom and went here for lunch:

Blues City Deli

Scott and I had decided that we would get our tree on Sunday.  I was completely fine with that until it was raining Sunday morning.  Plus I still wasn’t 100% from whatever illness hit me Saturday.  So, we waited till 1 and grabbed some Bread Co. for lunch and went on a drive.

The last 2 years we have gone to Meert’s Tree Farm in Festus.  It wasn’t bad, it was an easy drive but a little far from our house.  This year Scott wanted to see if we could find some place closer.  I looked online and decided that Heritage Village was closer to home.  It wasn’t.  We drove for about an hour and a half, some of it out of our way, just to get there.

Once we got there we were greeted by Santa and then found our way to the saws.  We picked up a sled and we were off to find our tree.

Somehow, this year it was much easier to find our tree, have Scott cut it down and load up the car than it ever had at the other farm.  Finding our tree was easiest part of the whole process.

Us with our tree

And the wagon is good to go

Once we paid we loaded up the car and took a quick walk inside the house and we were back on the road!

Last Christmas for the CR-V

Our drive home was a little shorter.  We found highway 94 and cut across that instead of going all the way back to 70.  Google Maps can give such interesting directions.

Once home we got the tree set up and Scott put the lights on while I made a roast for dinner.  By the time I finished cooking Scott was done with the lights and it was time to put the ornaments one.  We had to put the ornament from Scott’s sister, Jeni, up first.

Then the rest of the tree went up rather quickly.  It turned out really nice and the house is officially maxed out with Christmas!

And don’t forget the family picture with Reily!




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