Last weekend before Christmas

What a busy time of year it is!  I always want to do more than time will allow.  I wanted to go look at Christmas lights and have a Christmas Brunch, those didn’t happen.  What did happen was we finally got our friends together for the First Annual Allender (yes, I used the last name) Christmas Dinner, this past Sunday.

On Friday night, Scott and I went to see the Nutcracker Ballet at the Touhill on University of Missouri – St. Louis’s campus.  It was my first ballet to see and I wasn’t completely sold on it during the first act.  Although, Scott was convinced that intermission was the end of the ballet, we hung around and what do you know, a second act.  The second act had more music that I was familiar with and the dancing was a little more  exciting.  Overall, I’m glad we went and I was able to see the ballet.  Who knows, we might even see Swan Lake in the spring.

Saturday was a busy day for me.  I was getting groceries at Soulard, Schnucks, pricing ovens at my old high school job (Slyman Brothers) and last-minute gifts.  All this was done while Scott was working on Clubvision.  I got home and we decided that we needed to get gifts for the Birch kids and then it was dinner and a movie.  We went to Bar Louie for dinner, it was great!  We hadn’t been there in a while and the buffalo calamari was calling us!  After dinner, we watched a little of the Blues game before the movie.  We walked to the Chase and watched the new Sherlock Holmes movie.  The movie was great, even with the iffy reviews it seems to be getting.  These are the only Guy Ritchie movies that I seem to like.

Another insane day was Sunday!  I was up by 7:30, cooking, cleaning and more grocery shopping.  I had everything prepped and ready to go by 2.  I’m really impressed with myself on this one.  The roast took a little longer to cook that I had expected but I managed to have dips, stuffed mushrooms and jalapeno poppers for appetizers.  They all turned out great!  I’m super critical of my cooking so I thought the roast was a little dry and the potatoes cooked a little too long.  But it was just a fun night having our friends over and all hanging out together. 

I can’t wait to have this party again next year!  Now we work a couple of days and it’s off to San Antonio for Christmas!


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