Blues Game

We have finally attended our first Blues game!  I gave Scott hockey tickets for Christmas and we went the last Friday of 2011.  Our seats were pretty good.  When I was looking to buy them I wanted to get as close to the “Towel Guys” seats as possible.  I had remember from the game we took Catherine to that he was in 314. 

The game wasn’t as good as we had hoped.  Nashville had scored before we even made it to our seats, never a good way to start the game.  The Blues looked sloppy and not together on their power plays.  But they managed to get a goal and we saw the Towel Guy in action.

They ended up losing in shoot outs.  They went to the 4th and 5th shooter before there was even a goal!  It was just so sloppy.  But we can’t wait to go again!


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