Happy 2012

Wow it’s another year and I’m already slacking on my blog posts.  We had a very uneventful New Years Eve, which is what we planned. 

On New Years Eve day, I spent most of the day cleaning and continuing my basement organization.  Scott went in to the office and worked all day long.  I did go over to Scott’s parents house for Christmas celebration without him.  I got a great fleece blanket that has Huskers on one side and Rams on the other.  Perfect for Satuday and Sunday games.  Since the Huskers have faired a little better this season, they are winning the rotation.  We received a nice picture frame, small fountain and some goodies. 

Later that night, after Scott got home from work we laid on the couch and tried to stay awake till midnight.  We caught up on some TiVo and then when it was close to 11 Central we watched the Ball drop in Time Square and decided that was enough.  No use forcing ourselves to stay awake and rewatch the same thing. 

 Even though we didn’t do anything crazy for  NYE, it was a great night of relaxing.  I do love NYE.


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