Picture This

Last Saturday we all gathered at our wedding photographer’s studio for family pictures.  My mother-in-law has been wanting an updated family picture for some time now and why not January.  She also found a Groupon that our wedding photographer was doing so it worked out even better.  We all really liked Dave and he did wonders with our wedding pictures so  why not give him more business.

We met at his studio (house) Saturday morning bright at early and got started with the Bates family, to the Allender family, to the kids, to the girls, to the whole family.  Watching Dave get the kids to smile was very entertaining.  Even with Austin trying so hard not to smile, the pictures turned out great!

After the pictures we headed over to Chevys for lunch and home to let Reily out for a bit.  Then back down to South County for Christmas number 3 with the Bates’ family and to celebrate Scott’s mom’s birthday.  On Sunday, before the Bates headed back to Chicago they stopped by to check out the changes at the house.  Last time they were there, they were painting the kitchen from orange to the current very lite green.  Also, it was a meeting between Reily and Riley.  Reily had to excuse herself to the backyard for the visit.


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