Wow, this month is taking FOREVER!  After all the crazy busy of the last 5 months it’s a little weird for us to have hardly anything going on.  Plus, we’ve both had our share of colds/flu to go around.  January just seems kinda blah and makes me long for the warmer spring weather that I know is just around the corner.

I’m longing for baseball, good thing I met Lou Brock last week.  The Cardinals had their Winter Warm Up and are getting ready for Spring Training.  Hockey is in full force.  The Blues are in the top 4 teams in all of the NHL!  The Super Bowl is in less and 2 weeks.  We have our vacations planned.

I’m really ready for what seems to be the longest month of the year, yes I do realize there are other 31 day months, to be over.

Is it time for fish fries and fun yet?


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