Wine Night

A couple of weeks ago, Loreen asked if I wanted to go to the alumni wine night. I figured it would be a great way to give back to the school and see some girls that I hadn’t seen in a while. So, this past weekend Ursuline had an alumni wine night. It was a chance to get together with other UA alums and sample some wine from a local vendor.

Brooke and I arrived early, well before most showed up due to the rain and the highways being a mess. We took full advantage of this. We started out at the Old World wine table and managed to sample them all before a crowd gathered. Loreen showed up and we headed over to the New World wines.

Class of '98

 After tasting all the wines they had out there were only a few that I liked. None that I wanted to buy though. We got our plates filled with foods and of course, Swedish Fish and Watermelons. We hung out with a large group of ladies from the class of ’75. They were hilarious to listen to their stories. We compared athletic stories and uniform issues, even what was not allowed and was instant detention.  Brooke and I snuck off to the old gym (still smells the same)

This is new to the old gym

and decided to leave a note to our old advisor.

Our note to Mr. Master

I won a door prize, a glass ice bucket with the Ursuline crest on it. I loved it! Now when to use it.

Door prize and Watermelons

Afterwards we headed over to Bar Louie for some more catching up and drinks. It was a great night.




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