Super Bowl Weekend

It was a rather busy weekend for us, at least busier than the last few had been.  I had wine night at Ursuline Friday night.  On Saturday we took a much needed trip to Soulard and stocked up on a lot of food. 

We found out that our meat market now sells racoon!  I didn’t see it, I took the sign’s word.

  I ran errands and clean the hall closet (much needed organizing) and rested while Scott worked.

Saturday night we headed to the Birch’s to celebrate Elizabeth’s 14th birthday.  I can’t believe it’s been 14 years since I was living with them!  We had a great time watching the Blues game and Mizzou beating KU in the second to last rivalry game.

Sunday, we started cooking.  We found new ways to make chicken wings, spicey chili and some dips.  Over all the Super Bowl was a great day.  I didn’t care much for either team but did root for the Patriots.  I figured Brady needed the win more than Ei (league’s biggest crybaby).  Oh well, at least I’m done seeing both of them for a few month and can concentrate on hockey.


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