Beef Stew

We have talked about making a stew for quit some time and we finally made it.  I think it came out better than I had expected it would since it was the first time I’ve ever tried this.  We went down to Soulard to get all of the ingredients, carrots, potatos, onion, spices and of course the beef.

After I made dinner I went ahead and started peeling and cutting everything up and had it ready to go for the next morning.  I was surprised as to how easy it was to make.  Before I left for work, I added a gravy packet (an idea from a recipe I found) and 2 cans of beef broth.  When I came home for lunch, the stew smelt great but was still runny.  I added 2 table spoons of flour to thicken it up and it did the trick.

By the time Scott got home from work the stew was ready and it tasted great!  I think this is a recipe we’ll have to try again, just so we can perfect it.


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