Taste of Soulard

Last year Scott and I stumbled upon Taste of Soulard during one of our trips to the Market.  So this year when I saw the list of Mardi Gras events I knew this was the one for us.  Kristin, Tom, Diana, Chip and his co-worker Ryan joined us on a very cold day.

Kristin and I

We got our tickets and parked at Scott’s office and then walked up to the first stop, Molly’s.  Then we headed to Nadine’s Gin Joint and tried some kabobs.  We went to McGurk’s for wings, Carson’s for jambalaya, and the Grizzly Bear for really good shrimp dish.

Everyone at Carson's

At each stop we hung out for a good while so we all could warm up.  We did some shopping at the Porch and at the Market for spices.  We even stopped to see what the racoon meat looked like.  Diana and Chip have recently moved to St. Louis so I wanted to show them a new area and have some fun.  It was a great, yet cold, day.


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