Eli Young Band

For your Leap Year celebrations we, mainly I, decided that we needed to go to a concert.  I had know that Eli Young Band was coming to St. Louis for a while and thought it would be fun to see them, plus they were going to the Pageant.  It had been 2 years since we’ve last been there to see a concert and thought it was time.

We arrived a little early, picked up the tickets and Will Call and then went to the Eclipse Bar for a quick drink or caffeine to get us through the night.  We made it in just before the opening act, Eric Paslay, started.  We even managed get seats fairly close to the stage.  I don’t think we’ll be sitting that close again since I couldn’t hear when we walked out.

The opening act was really good.  I liked a lot of his songs and found out that he is mostly a songwriter and wrote, “Barefoot Blue Jean Night.”  He came back out a little later and sang a song with Eli Young Band.

Eli Young Band put on a great show!  They were entertaining us the whole way through the show.  I would love to see them again!


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