It seems the craft bug has hit me.  I’m going to blame Pinterest for all my desires to be crafty and spend time at Hobby Lobby.  The site has shown me some pretty easy, yet fun decorating designs.  Some have been easier than other but each time I’ve found a new way to create holiday decor. 

This weekend Zipf and I hit up Hobby Lobby, Ben Franklin, and Hancock Fabrics for some foam, felt and pins.  All to make shamrock wreaths.  We gathered all our material and got crafty this weekend.  It started with me cutting hearts from a sheet of styrofoam. 

That was probably the hardest part.  I cut out a few circles, traced from a can of beans. 

Then slowly pinned them all on the hearts. 

I even worked on some Easter decorations that I had started earlier in the week.  I made some candy jars and the spray painted the lids white to hide the Prego and Clausen lid.  I bought a couple of candle holders that I still need to paint white to finish the look.   


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