New Food

I am completely my father’s daughter and totally Italian.  I have been looking online for new recipes to change-up our weekly meals from the boring routine.  I have found some new casserole dishes that haven’t been too horrible the first time around.  Of course the next time we make them we will be tweaking the recipe a bit for a little more flavor.

The first casserole we made was an up-side down pizza casserole which turned out great!

Before adding the biscuits

The next one I tried was a chicken, pea, red pepper, pasta.  It wasn’t too bad but needed a little more flavor than what the directions called for.  Then I tried to make a cheesy meatball pasta.  I miss reread (or didn’t read) the directions too closely and so we created a pasta layer casserole which came out great!

Going to the oven

Lastly, we tried a spinach mac and cheese.  This was a weight watchers recipe and it wasn’t too bad.  Maybe it could use a little more cheese.  It wouldn’t be only 4 points on the weight watchers scale, but it would be tastier.



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