Spring Cleaning

Scott had to work this weekend so I decided that it was time to do some major Spring cleaning.  Not to mention, I hadn’t planned to go down to Dogtown for any for the St. Patrick’s Day festivities so I had the time.  I started with just cleaning the kitchen and 4 hours later the kitchen was mostly done. 

I really think I have inherited my parents crazy cleaning tatics so it was really much better that Scott was at the office working while I did my cleaning.  I had my music playing, Reily sleeping on the floor and it was a busy day.  I only brought the new espresso pot while putting it back on the counter.  The espresso cups knocked it off the stand and glass everywhere.  Good thing we still had the old coffee maker in the basement. 

I only took a couple breaks to watch the storms roll in and hang out with a very nervous dog. 

By Sunday, I still need to finish cleaning the house and cleaning out drawers of rarely used clothes.  Sunday was a little more relaxed.  While organizing the pantry I decided to try out the new camera.  Reily was subjected to an impromtu photo shoot.  She did surprisingly well and we got a few decent pictures. 

It’s a nice feeling know how clean the kitchen is considering the amount of time I spent cleaning it and the house.


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