We spent yesterday cleaning up the outside of the house.  Since it’s been crazy warm most of winter and already into spring the grass was growing really fast as well as some weeds.  The front of the house needed some up keeping.  We trimmed the bushes in the front and then raked out the leaves and added some mulch to give it some color. 

We had planned on planting some flowers, however, the guy at the nursery said we are still just a bit too early for that.  Maybe in a few weeks we can get some color added to the front. 

We spent a little time at Lowe’s this weekend and found a great patio table and chairs that actually fits the patio.  We talked a little flooring and looked at some bathroom paint as well. 

After finishing the front, Scott tried to trim the trees at the top of the hill.  That worked for a while, until the black jacks started to swarm the area.  So about half the trees have been trimmed but it still looks so much better.

It was nice to finish everything and then have a nice BBQ dinner outside.