Fast Eddies

It’s that time of year again.  Time to hit the Great River Road and go to Fast Eddies for the afternoon.  This year I decided not to hop on the party bus and drive over with Scott and Kristin.  It was a better option.  We arrived before everyone did and had time to get in the food line, avoid the cougars that were on the prowl and get some great food.

By the time the party bus arrived, we were still trying to find a table to sit.  Kristin made friends with a table and found out it would be ours in an hour.  It wasn’t too bad, Scott held my shrimp while I peeled and ate them.  I hear it didn’t smell too good, but they tasted great!

We hung out for a few hours and people watched.  We even ran into the Boland’s there!  Two years in a row I’ve seen someone I knew there.

The best part about leaving was that we left with enough time to go home, let Reily out and make to the Birch’s for Mathew’s birthday party!


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